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Preferred Partner for Global Industry Leaders

Maxxove Technologies takes pride in being the partner of choice for esteemed multinational companies, a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and client satisfaction. We are successfully working together with renowned organizations such as Parker Hannifin, Impact GmbH, Qinye Heavy Industries, Bao Steel Engineering and Kores Group amongst many others, which showcase our ability to forge and maintain lasting relatinships with reputed organisations resulting in signficant value creation and a win-win scenario for us and our partners.

Impact GmbH

IMPACT GmBh (Germany) – Impact has specialized exclusively in the development and manufacture of lance tips for BOF in Steel Melting Shops and hold a world class reputation in steel plants across the Globe. We are the channel partner of IMPACT for over 20 years.

Jiangsu Gongchang Roll Joint Stock Company (China)

We are associated with them for over 15 years. We have developed a substantial market for their manufactured Cast Roll (Work Roll, Intermediate Rolls and Backup Rolls in Rolling Mills).


We are the Channel Partner of BAO Steel Roll Division for the last 15 years. We introduced BAO Steel Forged Rolls (Work Roll, Intermediate Rolls and Backup Rolls in Rolling Mills) in India and are currently selling their rolls to all the major Steel manufacturers of India.

SHANTOU HUAXING Metallurgical Equipment

We are working with SHANTOU for nearly 10 years. The company is mainly engaged in design, R&D, manufacture and sale of efficient copper equipment for Blast furnace and Electric Arc Furnace and precision copper parts, providing a integrated solution of copper cooling equipment and copper precision products. We have sold their products in major blast Furnaces right from 2250 M3 furnace to 5350 M3 Furnaces.

QINYE Heavy Engineering (China)

We are associated with this company for more than 16 years now and have sold their manufactured products like Hot Stove valves, Metallurgical Vehicles like Torpedo Ladle Cars, Ladles, Ladle Transfer Cars, Slag pots etc… for Blast furnaces from 450 M3 to 5350 M3 Capacity. Qinye's major products include six categories: Metallurgical Valves, Vehicles, Track Flat Cars, CDQ Equipment's, No Bell Less Top (BLT) Charging Devices, among others.

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